Dental Implant Restorations

Restoring the Smile in Edinburg, TX

Larry N. Balli D.D.S. provides dental implant restoration in Edinburg and services Pharr, McAllen, and the surrounding communities. He coordinates the overall process and places the visible restoration, the crown. Schedule an appointment at our practice today for a dental implant consultation.

Undergoing Implant Placement

When you first come to us for dental implants, Dr. Balli performs an exam to see if you are eligible for the treatment. Once it has been determined that you are a candidate, he creates a plan to determine implant placement. The next step in the implant process is to surgically place the implant posts into the jaw, which serve as artificial tooth roots. This is done in coordination with a network of oral surgeon partners with our Edinburg dental practice. Following the placement, there is a healing period which allows the posts to integrate fully with the jaw bone. During this healing phase, Dr. Balli monitors your recovery.

Implant Restoration

The dental implant restoration, the crown, is the functional part of the implant that serves as your visible tooth. It helps you chew and enhances your smile. These restorations are fabricated as the posts heal, and placed once they are fully integrated with the bone.

Implant restorations, the crowns, are modeled after traditional restorations and can serve different needs. Porcelain crowns are great for restoring a single missing tooth, while porcelain bridges can replace several adjacent missing teeth. Fixed dentures can be made to rest on top of implants instead of relying on removable partials or removable dentures.


In some circumstances, patients require extraction of all their unhealthy teeth in addition to having implant posts placed. Patients whose extractions would leave them without an entire dental arch may be eligible for the All-on-4® treatment concept. This process lets you restore your entire smile with surgery and without having to go without teeth.

All-on-4 adds four strategically placed implants to the jaw instantly after extracting the unhealthy teeth. This placement is immediately followed by the addition of a temporary fixed denture. After six months with the temporary, the permanent bar-retained denture is added to the smile, and you have a new fixed, beautiful, and functional set of teeth. 

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Larry N. Balli D.D.S. offers dental implant restoration in Edinburg, serving patients in Pharr and McAllen as well. For more information, call or email us today

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