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Kids Dentist In Edinburg, TX

At our practice, both Dr. Balli and Dr. Morales can see children as well as adults. Larry N. Balli D.D.S. provides children’s dentistry in Edinburg and services Pharr, McAllen, and the surrounding communities. Schedule your family’s next appointment at our practice today.

The Children’s Dental Exam

A child's dental exam is as thorough as that of an adult. We take x-rays of the smile to fully understand the oral health of the patient in question and follow up with an oral cancer screening. We then discuss with you and your child their dental health concerns, how to improve their nutrition, and most importantly, educate them on how to keep their teeth healthy. If the child is old enough, we will also include Panorex® 3D scanning to see how their adult teeth are erupting, and to evaluate the health of the jaw.

Children’s dentistry diverges from an adult’s appointment in the focus of care suggested after each examination. As children are still growing, children are more susceptible to tooth decay and developmental issues. We focus our discussions on preventing cavities, coordinating care with orthodontists, and determining whether certain appliances to encourage a healthy jaw are necessary. We help our pediatric patients understand why certain procedures are necessary to gain control of their dental health.

Procedures We Offer for Children

After each exam, children are appointed to receive the recommended treatment by the doctor. The procedures we provide for children are designed to keep both their current and developing smile as healthy as possible.

To help younger patients keep their teeth healthy and strong, Doctors Balli and Morales recommend fluoride and varnish applications, as well as sealants. Fluoride is a mineral that strengthens the enamel to make it more resistant to decay. Sealants are thin plastic coatings that protect teeth from decay by preventing food from sticking to them. The bacteria that causes decay is fueled by food particles stuck to teeth, and those teeth develop cavities as a result. Children often require the assistance of fluoride and sealants while they still learn to brush and floss.

If a child has a cavity already, then our dentists may instead use a composite filling or a stainless steel crown to restore the tooth. He can also extract baby teeth to help the adult teeth safely erupt into the smile. Additionally, Dr. Balli provides select appliances, such as space maintainers, to help the jaw and teeth grow into a healthy alignment.

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Larry N. Balli D.D.S. offers children’s dentistry in Edinburg, serving Pharr and McAllen as well. For more information, call our practice today!

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